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LDTG Referral Program 

All LDTG Travel Community Members (TCM) are eligible for the Liz-Desir Travel Group  (LDTG) Referral Program! Refer a friend, family member, or companion to join a group trip with us, and earn $50 referral discount, per referral. You can refer an individual, or group to join the same group trip as you or any other available trips that are open for reservation, even for the following year. Once the person makes their deposit and has been verified, you will receive a referral discount code via email within 30 days which can be used toward any trip payment, trip deposit, or future trip until the given *expiration date.  In order to receive the discount, the person you refer(red) must state your name (first and last name) in the notes/question section upon making their deposit for a group trip. Your name  (first and last name) can also be provided upon them filling out the trip confirmation form as well.

All referral discount codes expire within 15 months of the first referral code being issued. If the code is not used within the given timeframe, it will no longer be valid towards any payment. The referral code is non-transferable, non-exchangeable, and non-refundable. If you've already referred a friend(s) prior to the launch of the referral program, you will also receive your LDTG Referral Discount Code via email! Feel free to also email to provide the full name of the person you've referred and the trip they've attended in 2021 - current year or will be attending in the following year. 

LDTG TCMs are eligible for the LDTG Referral Program and can receive a discount of up to $300 for making group trip referrals within the same calendar year! 

In case you've referred someone, or multiple people who have reserved their spot for a group trip and have not received a referral discount code in over 30 days, please fill the form below, and we will get back to you as soon as possible, and issue a code, if eligible! You can also fill the referral form once you've referred someone, or multiple people, by providing needed details below!

In order to receive a referral discount code, the person you referred must have made their deposit for a group trip, and the individual must be verified and deemed eligible prior to issuing the code. If you were/are not an LDTG TCM prior to referring someone for an LDTG curated group trip/ available service(s), you won't receive a referral discount. Referral discount code can be used for any LDTG group trip deposit or payment as long as the code is valid. This code cannot be used for any other service.

Image by S O C I A L . C U T

Referred a Friend? 

Fill out the form below if it's either been over 30 days since the person you referred signed up for a group trip or eligible LDTG private trip consulting service, OR if you have recently referred a friend(s)!

Thanks for submitting!
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