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My name is Liz-Desir Seri, and I am the owner & lead travel curator of Liz-Desir Travel Group. While in college, I obtained my Bachelor degree in Business, and double minored global studies, and international business. Throughout my childhood, I've traveled to different countries and adapted to new cultures. I knew that exploring new places is something I wanted to achieve in some way. Through my college years, I've researched new places to travel too and luckily had the chance to travel and plan those trips accordingly. Additionally, curated and traveled solo to places like Mexico, Colombia, Türkiye, Morocco, and Dubai, UAE. I've had the opportunity to either explore or live in countries like Côte d'Ivoire, Ghana, Italy, Hawaii, France, Portugal, and truly there's so much more to see! Since then, I've been eager for more discoveries. And I wanted to share these adventures with others interested in learning more about other cultures, and building friendships, all while partaking in stress-free experiences, using my passion and skills. 


Liz-Desir Travel Group, previously known as LDS Travels, was created in February 2020. This business was established to help ambitious individuals who want to travel, plan their trips with ease. I wanted to curate cultural trips for aspiring female travelers. Therefore, different small-group trip packages were created to deliver just that. You might also see some All-Gender trips in the near future!


I truly enjoy traveling and immersing myself in other cultures. I always wanted to pack my bags and go somewhere new without thinking twice. However, many times I put my plans in the back pocket because family or friends wouldn't or couldn't join. I made a vow to never let that stop me from doing what I want. I figured many individuals like myself have probably felt this way before, or simply want to discover someplace new. Therefore, LDTG trip packages were formed for women of all backgrounds to travel solo or with a companion but never feel alone as they'll be meeting new people, and also make the most of it! Are you looking to experience stress-free travel or join a group trip solo? We promise you won't feel nor be alone! You can learn more about our available group trips (2024 Group Trips)

Other Available Services: Private Trip Services 

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